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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Picture the scene...I am cyling out of BMA house

Picture the scene...I am cycling out of BMA house.....a Policeman tells me I cant cycle there and I should get off ....." You f***ing pl**, you dont run the  f***ing health service ....get out of my f***ing way" is my considered response.
The policeman 
a) accepts my apology despite me -possibly- not being entirely truthful about what I said despite the recorded evidence
b) throws the book at me for verbally assaulting a police officer 
c) mistakes me for Dawn French, finds the whole thing hilarious and asks for my autograph.

Frankly I think c) is the most likely. 

Surely a police caution was not beyond the realms of possibility here. Or is it me ? The issue is honesty , integrity and fairness. The whole sorry tale shows a distinct shortage of all three.

Luckily I do not cycle. Too dangerous in the bylanes of Peaky Practice where tractors roam wildly over the roads and at any time one can be startled by sheep.  Maybe Mr Mitchell's behaviour was a cry for help to relocate to Ruralshire where thanks to him there is no public transport, petrol is so expensive one considers driving a  Skoda Citogo  and cycling is therefore to be encouraged.

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