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Friday, 27 August 2010

Happy Blogday

So today is the first day of my blogging life. Like so many cybertrends before it I wonder how long I'll last and wonder if I will still twitter and facebook. Started the day at an ARCP panel for GP registrars. This is a kind of review process for learning that trainee GP's have done. The people at the Deanery are surprisingly human and nice and give me free reign over a box of Heroes to help maintain my attention span. Good to see how other registrars are faring compared to the ones in Peaky Practice.  The day only gets better as I meet A New Kind of GP for a champagne lunch ( there is a big 0 birthday looming for one of us) and sense the irony that this is exactly what politicians think GP's do all day anyway. ( It is actually my day off, dont panic) Luckily I manage to find the correct bus afterwards and make it home for a nap.