Tuesday, 8 February 2011

YES Campaign? What will it really mean.

There has been much angst in Peaky Practice about the health changes on both sides of the border. What could the implications really be?
Some 20,000 patients resident in England are registered with a GP in Wales and 15 000 Welsh residents are registered with a GP in England. 54,000 Welsh patients cross the border for treatment in English hospitals and 200,000 outpatient appointments in England are for Welsh patients.
So, enough statistics. How will the changes in the NHS in England and Wales affect this? Peaky practice has heard from several sources that WAG is planning an impenetrable wall along the Borders. English residents used to walking 500 yards to their Welsh GP practice may face a 10 mile drive to the nearest English practice. People with an acute medical problem may now have to travel 50 miles to the nearest Welsh hospital rather than 20 miles to the closest hospital in England.
So why are the people this affects being kept in the dark? A short google session tells me what a big problem this will be , yet a loud silence.
Awaiting extradition to Wales to face charges of sharing information ......
Peaky L'Assange